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Have you had a reading or received a message from David? Share your experience here

Quotes This has been my fourth reading with David and as always amazing. This gifted young man helps me to be in touch with loved ones who have crossed over and always has new messages for me. David is a truly unique young man and has brought great comfort for myself and my family. Thank you David. Quotes

Quotes I have had 2 readings with David and he is amazing. I bought his book and couldn't put it down. I think he is the most interesting man I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I look forward to,having more readings in the future Quotes
Lynne broder

Quotes After reading David's book I knew I needed a reading from this man ! I had the pleasure and honour of having that reading last week ... I have to say it was truly amazing and very accurate and emotional. I know without a shadow of doubt that David was communicating with my mum and other close family members in spirit. I was left with a beautiful feeling of calmness and serenity and can't tell you how much comfort and happiness this reading brought to me. This reading changed my life because I now truly believe that love never dies ... Thank you David you are a lovely genuine man and have a very special gift x Quotes
Sharon Eddleston

Quotes David is a very 'gifted' man twice I have had private readings with him which were so accurate and three times at venues. Seeing 'mediums' many times David is one of the best mediums I have seen. I thank him for bringing people through to me and of the comfort he has given to both my daughters and myself. You couldn't wish to meet a nicer guy..Everyone loves you David, keep up the work you have been blessed with.. Quotes
Elaine H

Quotes The best medium I have ever seen. Had a private reading a few times David brought so much comfort to myself and family amazing. The personal information he gave me was fantastic . Thank you David Quotes
Justine Wilson

Quotes David carried out a reading for me and blew me away told me things only i knew and let me know all my loved ones are safe nice honest man with an amazing gift thanks again david Quotes

Quotes I had a private reading in July of this year. Everything David told me was so accurate it was wonderful to know that my husband is still around me. Thank you David for such an uplifting reading. I felt so much better afterwards. Quotes
Reda Rigby

Quotes I first made contact with David many years ago at Bolton spiritualist church. Since then myself, friends and a couple of family members have had private readings with David and are always surprised how precise and accurate our readings are. Quotes
Lisa irving

Quotes David came to my house yesterday 23rd April He asked if I had seen a medium before I had twice same medium and I was still sceptical David holt is the nicest most genuine definitely talented man I have ever met Must say as things went round in my head and things fell into place I was up all night crying and talking to my dad MY DAD WAS BACK IN MY HOME Thank you so very much and my next reading with him will be amazing as I do believe in life after death All thanks to this young man Thank you from the bottom of my heart god bless xxx Quotes
Happy daughter

Quotes Just a few lines to say I have seen David in 2012 and in 2013 and kept detailed records of my readings. I delighted to say that sooo many of his predictions have come-to-pass. Even my new career path. doors have simply opened that I did not anticipate - just like he said. Even the gifted dog has come true - 10 days ago we adopted a shi-htzu called Jasmine from Culcheth. Oddly enough - Jasmine was the essential oil my beloved mum was remembered for, and Culcheth is where my dad grew up. Seems quite odd that the breed id hoped for, would come just two days after my birthday with such synchronistic links to my past. Thank you david !! Quotes
New Path & Direction.
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