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Have you had a reading or received a message from David? Share your experience here

Quotes David Holt is a very gifted down to earth graceful human being with genuine talent. In 2012 and 2013 he told me numerous things. For 46 years id not known my true destiny - and David told me straight, and said how doors would open - and they have. I now 'just know' what im supposed to be doing. He also said i'd be gifted a dog. Ten days ago I was given a shih-tzu. The list is too long (& personal). But I will defo see David again. Quotes
Realising My Path.

Quotes I lost my dearest dad just 4 weeks ago following a horrible and painful illness. These past few weeks have been dark and so difficult to bear without him. Today David Holt came to our home and brought so much light to my family and I. He proved to us beyond any doubt that my dad remains very close to us in the spirit world. He is now pain free and happy which is so very comforting to know. His reading was so accurate and was delivered to us in such a warm and relaxed manner. David has given me so much inspiration on so many levels. He really is such a special and gifted man and I am so grateful to him (and his wife Jane). Thank you so much x Quotes
Kate Holt
Not related unfortunately!

Quotes Myself and Janet have known David for around 5 years now. We have met and had readings from many other mediums over the years and none come anywhere near as good as David. If you want proof of life after so called death, and to make contact with your loved ones in spirit David is your man. Quotes
Les Leggett
fellow spiritualist and friend

Quotes David came to give both Shirley and I private readings, and the four central people to us who had passed came through. David's description of them, the circumstances of their passing, and much other private information was passed to us, leaving us in no doubt of the amazing gift that David has. David is so down to earth, and nothing was rushed. I felt we could have spent as long as we wanted in asking questions too. Thank you so much for putting our minds at rest and an amazing experience. Quotes
Jim & Shirley
Very satisfied!

Quotes Thank you so much David for giving me the peace of mind i that have been searching for,i have seen other mediums but have always been left with a feeling of doubt,but today there wasnt any doubt that you brought my mum tonight, you were on the dot with describing my mum and also i didnt feel i was on a time limit as you asked if i had any questions which i had,you also described how my brother died which no-one else apart from close family knows,thank you again David ,take care ,Sue Quotes
satisfied daughter

Quotes Thank you David for the wonderful message you gave me at Skelsmersdale church last week. you brought a young man through who had been in a helicopter crash at an oil rig ( my mum's friends son). I didn't know all of the details but can confirm everything you said was correct & I gladly passed the message on to the lad's mum, who was delighted to hear from him. Also my Grandad & Nan came with amazing evidence proving they are around me all the time & guiding me & my family through life. It's endearing to watch someone so accurate be so modest and not conceited. Thanks Again! Quotes

Quotes David came to my mums house on Thursday night. He was amazing, best medium by a country mile that I have ever seen. Lots of friends and family came to say hello an every detail was perfect. I reason why I am writing this is because I went to see another medium a while back, who told me my child's name in the spirit world was Amy, this quite upset me as she told me that they get given another name in the spirit world. David gave me a message from the spirit world and asked who Amy was, I knew where this was going an before I could answer he told me her real name. The spirit world knew this has upset me an David put it right for me. Amazing, totally unbelievable talent. Thank you so much Sarah Quotes
Satisfied mummy

Quotes I booked for a private reading with my friend for this morning, and to be honest at first I was a little dubious about it having never been to anything like this before, but i went with an open mind. I was gobsmacked. The amount of detail given about my mum, grandad and nanna was unreal. Even to the point where he was naming my nannas mum and dad. There were a few names which didn't mean much to me but David told me to ask family members who these are and I have found out that one was my nannas brother and the other my nannas sister! Even a date he said was an anniversary that my nanna was saying was my grandad and nannas wedding anniversary! Details which no one would have known were told to me as if it was common knowledge! I cannot stress how unbelievable it was. It has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and has made me feel much better about things...It is safe to say i am now a believer! Thank you david! Quotes
Sarah Ellis

Quotes David you blew me away, the facts you gave me were undisputable and there was absolutely no way you could have known unless you were talking to my beloved dad and my nana. I felt much happier knowing I really would see my dad and other family one day. Kerry :) Quotes

Quotes Thank you David for me and my mums private reading. No words can describe the gift you shared with us tonight through my grandma, grandad and uncle. We have put back the photo of my uncle back where it belongs as he requested. Many thanks Amanda Quotes
Amanda Jane Flintoff
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