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Have you had a reading or received a message from David? Share your experience here

Quotes Hi David i would just like to say ,you came to my house last night and gave myself and my friends the most fantastic readings ,it made me feel a lot better with myself knowing that my husband is with me at all times ,you was so accurate in everything you said ,you truly have an amazing gift ,thank you david very much denise xx Quotes
denise faber

Quotes Hi David would just like to thank you yet again for your time today. It was amazing to hear from my grandad and cousin who passed away this year and knowing that they are both happy and pain free in the spirit world today. Look forward to seeing you again later in the year and i hope you enjoy the red wine. Quotes

Quotes Had a private reading with David...both my mum & dad came through. I feel like a huge weight has lifted, knowing they are happy.. Thank you so much Maggie Quotes

Quotes I had a private reading with David yesterday. My mum had passed on on 26th feb and her funeral was only last friday. She came through very strongly and beyond a shadow of a doubt it was a total confirmation that it was my mum who i was speaking to, down to how she died, where she got married and many other wonderful things. Thanks David, it was a pleasure working with you and I hope to again soon xx Quotes

Quotes I attended the Paranormal Workshop on Sunday and wanted to say a huge thank you. I was fascinated by the information you shared and thoroughly enjoyed participating in the experimental processes. The workshop was very well structured and the time went much too quickly! It was wonderful to meet such lovely people and I look forward to attending future workshops. Thank you again for a truly enlightening day! Quotes
Veronica Simister

Quotes hi david you did a private reading for me in october , i was really pleased that my mum came through my dad and also my grandad , lots of my family came through really just to say hello was lovely , i was sensing some 1 around me at night i was scared until i had my reading with you , and you said the only people around me are my mum and dad and sometimes my grandad pops in , i have felt so much better now , plus my dad payed me a visit also so im very sure now , thank you once again feel so much better not afraid anymore x Quotes

Quotes Thank you very much David for the reading on the 18th of October 2011. My wife was not so sure about mediums before you came. But you have changed the way on how she thinks about life and is more happier than ever knowing that her dad is watching over her and helping her through life. My wife cant thank you enough for what you did david thanks alot Quotes

Quotes i had a private reading at the beggining of october 2011 and it was brilliant i had my mum come through who died in march this year and who i miss dearly , there was evidence that came through that no one could know david certainly couldn't have as we have never met it was so lovely to hear from the spirit world and to know that our passed loved ones are still around and helping us it gives me peace thank you x Quotes
private reading

Quotes Hi, since my private reading with David I have changed become more relaxed knowing the comfort he gave me and the evidence from my dad in the spirit world, also the answer to questions I asked about my mum & dad now being together as my mum passed 40yrs earlier than my dad, I understand that they are both at different levels in the spirit world and have there own challenges/task to do. and on a good note before I go David gave me evidence of my life and troubles and reasured me it was coming to an end with bullying I was receiving well its all over now Im happier much happier and eh David if you read this soon I did receive the tax rebate too not much as you said but eh I got one hehehe. Thank you once again love to you and Jane. xx Quotes
tear free & relaxed person now.

Quotes Had a great night at Bolton Spiritualist Church last night 21/07/2011. The evidence given was phenomenal, keep up the good work David you are a natural, love & light Yvonne x x Quotes
Church service
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