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Skype Readings 

Skype Readings with David Holt 

A skype readings is a way of having your own personal consultation directly with David Holt. 

David's skype readings are now available worldwide meaning that regardless of where you are, you can still have a personal one to one spirit reading and consultation.

Your session will last half an hour (but may run over) and will involve David's practiced belief of spirit communication, spiritual guidance, and a question and answer session.

What you will need:

A skype account and access to it via your desk top or laptop computer. An ipad, tablet or other compatable device will work just fine too. If you don't have a skype account they are completely free to set up and download.   

To get the most from your consulataion it is best to find a quite room in your home. Somewhere you can sit back and relax without distraction. Before the skype session begins it is advised to think about the people in spirit who you would like to hear from the most. Perhaps sit with a photograph of them and ask them to come through for you. Although it's best to have an open mind and accept whoever comes through, we all have our spiritual A lister who we'd really like to hear from the most, and this simple preparation can really help with that much needed connection. Have a pen and paper ready to make note of any significant dates or details that may be given. But most of all, relax and enjoy the session. 

What if David can't get a spirit connection for me, or can't read me at all?

Contact with spirit cannot be forced or guaranteed, it is a natural process of the mediums mind and the spirit communicator coming together to form a connection. If for any reason David cannot connect with anyone or is simply unable to read for you, this will be made clear and fully explained to you. The fee for the consultation will also be refunded to you in full. 

How do I book my Skype Reading?  

To book your skype reading you need to email:

Please provide the following details:

Your name and country. 

Skype readings are currently held on weekdays at 13:30 and 14:30 UK time. 


Special arrangements can also be made to accomodate different time zones world wide. 

The fee for the consultation is currently £55 (for the half hour session) which is payable in advance via PayPal. Don't worry if you don't have PayPal the link accepts all bank cards and credit cards internationally. If you have any questions at all regarding the sessions please email: 


  • "This has been my fourth reading with David and as always amazing. This gifted young man helps me to be in touch with loved ones who have crossed over and always has new messages..."