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Spirit Art Gallery

Welcome to David's Spirit Art Gallery 

Art is an expression of consciousness, it can be subjective or objective and has the ability to provoke emotions that speak to our soul. 

What one person sees and feels in a painting can vary greatly from what another experiences, and that is where the beauty in art really shines. 

David's paintings are done in an altered state of consciousness. His method is similar to that of the Spiritualist practice of 'Automatic Writing.' This is ancient ability is where a medium takes hold of a pen or pencil, and without any conscious influence, begins to write. First scribblings appear on the page, then words, and finally full sentences spelling out entire messages from the other side. 

David has taken this principle and applied it to his love of art. The colours are selected without any conscious influence and the methods he uses to paint are approached in the same way. The results are unique. 

Each individual work of art stimulates an emotional response in those who resonate with it. Below is a gallery of David Holt Spirit Art. Do any of his paintings speak to you...? 

"David Holt Spirit Art. For those who love the unique, the exclusive, and the spiritual."